Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Perspectives of Endurance

Let Us Be

We close the doors, but stare out windows in apathy.
Another Friday comes, only for another Monday to start.
24/7 border patrol, illegal aliens trying to attack, but I prepare and clean weaponry, going over the game plan, its gorilla warfare.
Christians scrambling up God’s law with hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and gnosticism.
We garnish these meals with validation.

The ‘awaken,’ dream about the facade of emptiness in sleepers.
Eyes welt up with tears of envy and our hearts trip over popularity.
The body practices opus dei, then pant at the wickedness of sinners.
Our minds cross the deserts of religion constantly, when His water is always available.
His well is too deep, so we settle, sharing infested waters with farm animals.

We are like lions chasing dreams of being whales. We are kings and queens, playing paper, rock, scissors with beggars… and the kingdom is on the table. We are dirt asking to be the sky.
Tears trickle down like raindrops hitting the windshield. We wipe them away and keep moving forward.
Time makes love to laziness, we are left with those common wonders, ‘what happened?, how’d I get here?’ Time blames laziness like, Adam did Eve.
We allow comfortability to turn our head while entitlement covers our eyes.
We battle with confession like asphyxia.
We borrow the bandages of sinners and apply them to seeping wounds of the already damaged within the body.

Apologetics is more action than words.
Our hearts cry out like one who truly learned the lesson before they’re disciplined.
Nonexistent without the breath of God.
Our tongues say Holy, but we know not the height of its echoes to Heaven, nor the design it has on our destiny.

Let us be statues of righteousness, museums of destiny, and our wills censored.
Remind us of your word like heartbeats. Lord, let all that you are stampede our hearts with your namesakes.
Let us bow unto your presence, like wilted flowers.
Let us be consumed by your glory, like the fire in Jeremiah.
Let us formulate words of growth and actions of obedience.
Lord God, don’t just let us be, prune us to be all you’ve spoken us to be.

Sodom & Gomorah


 All I have are my stories, but they are mighty, like a creation. My thoughts are impatient to imprint. My actions impact a sudden outbreak of violence. My responses ask for explanations, but my creases are sharply folded around time. When rebuked, you can still see lines from the creases in me, like an unfolded origami. My heart leaps tall buildings in a single bound, but my falls crash like inertia. My eyes can twirl like sushi rolls. My tongue has been epic for generations. I smell like sub subjects of death.

 I am whatever “they” say I am. Literally, I can blend with the best of them, and trust, I am considered because of the best of them. I move slow, but I take shortcuts through memories and history. I am in the spiritual and secular. I do well with balance, but I can’t stand change. I am a perfectionist of watering down standards, morals, and values. I take flight with wings of superstition, oppression, and depression, while I land confidently on grounds of confusion, vengeance, and breakdowns. I am intrigued with bloodlines. I instill fear and I play with control.

 I am not created on my own, I am born and bred by people. They welcome me and people become comfortable in my presence. I’ve played devil’s advocate since the beginning of time, just ask the Pharisees and modern day families. I am the reason the young shun the wisdom of the old. I am also the reason the old can’t comprehend the new generation. I cause family to be defined by the great, greats. My best friend is pride, well most of the time. My names hang and echo throughout the hallways of your educational programs, governments, and churches.

 I am a ritual, belief, or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past. I used to be you, and still, I am many right now. I am covered up with blankets of religion, deception, and manipulation. I am tradition. Don’t act like you don’t know me. You pray against me, but you contradict your request, putting the Holy Spirit in a box, not realizing the word then, is still the word now. You thrust me into the atmosphere daily, especially in moments of ignorance, primarily those times when you’re challenged. God is contemporary. If He wasn’t, then why would you be created for such a time as this. Would you have really survived twenty to fifty years prior to your birth, being who you are today? I am a necessity in certain sections of order. As in many matters in the realm of physicality and time, my original purpose has been manipulated and used as a mask for truth, the word of God.

 I plea with you, redefine me in your own lives, that I may be shed in a different light by anyone connected to you. Understand my existence, but with that, submit your will to Christ. You are the salt of the earth, but the church is compromising its ability to assist in purifying society. I met Christ and He redefined me in spite of those whom used me as a form of bondage and superiority to mislabel and stereotype Him. I am a word with power, not to be misconstrued. I have two sides, just as you do. Jesus defined me in acts such as baptism, communion, and deliverance, all of which people have used as a forefront for their own wills. At this point, just as my name would have it, I go back. Back to my tradition. Now that I have introduced myself, how may I help you?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Prayer Warrior

Prayer Warrior.
Physically, I am exhausted because spiritually I shift atmospheres and fight darkness’.
My tongues eat the bricks of the walls demons build up.
My worship opens my pathway.
My walk carries my verbage on its shoulders.
Ambassador of Christ
Those connected to me are forced to watch my spirit man take flight.
They get mad, because they can’t see me….but I can’t even see myself, I am out of sight!

                                                                   Dedicated to Aunt Debbz

One World Order




Saturday, January 21, 2012

Independence of Our Dependence

 “My Country Tis O Thee”, “I pledge allegiance to the flag”, “We the people.” Is it so, that time has watered down the original intent of these small statements that saturate not just American morals and values, but that of a Christian? These small beginnings were birthed by individuals who studied, meditated, and absorbed the Word of God. The pure objective of their calling in all they did and everywhere they traveled, was to communicate and carry out the nature of Christ, while immersing human existence in the fact that Christ died for the sins of all. Pillars of our country’s history include the prayers, teachings, and endurance of servants such as Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Martin Luther King, and George Washington. In the beginning, Christianity in America was in the current of war, deceit, control, and manipulation, but swimming against the current with standards of justice, peace, patriotism, and biblical stability. As of now, it seems we have submitted to just swimming with the current.

  The red, defining hardiness and bravery, white, purity and innocence, and of course the blue, for perseverance and justice. All of what we have never been, but only are because Christ died on the cross. His blood streamed down as they beat and spat on Him, He was sinless, He press’ us forward thru time and situations we thought hopeless, while pruning our hearts for His divine will. So as you can see, we should be celebrating dependence, but we praise independence and practice self righteousness. We build unimaginable buildings and machinery which has manifested the void that exists within us as a country. Over the last two decades, we’ve created machinery that gradually numb us from the simple essence of feeling. Anger, drugs, alcohol, and violence covers and protects the roots of our sin, such as a myelin sheath does a nerve. The nerve represents flaws and issues from our pasts, which become aggravated when pinched or severed.

  Our acts of peace are delivered in packages of threats or sudden warfare. We sleep with the enemy and when they leave us in the middle of the night, instead of turning to God, we masturbate. We base our opinion of God on people and situations that have left. We are so articulate, creating small devices such as smart phones, ipods, and Bluetooth’s that fill the small nukes and crannies of our hearts with idolatry, greed, jealousy, pride, and independence. We build and create what we’re not and cannot live up to. The cracks of our hearts coil around the gray areas of our minds and swallows our hope whole, like an anaconda capturing large prey. Just as the prey of the anaconda, we tire from wrestling with the pressures of life, so we submit to death.

  God sends His servants warning us, but we revert to our old and idealistic ways, just as the Israelites did in the land of Canaan. “Do What Thou Wilt.”, we scream in our actions! We replace God and credit ourselves, we create our own religions and theories to which we pass on from generation to generation, compromising our relationship with Christ, because of the era in which we currently live. We deliver spirituality with tradition filled needles and religious forceps. Our mottos and statues of appreciation and honor no longer speak of pressing forward in Christ, prayer and fasting, binding and loosing, or reconciliation. No, we uphold speech and education on mythology, magic, idolatry, and combining religions, such as chrislam. The potency of the Holy Spirits power on the Day of Pentecost is just as powerful now, thus, the Word of God must uphold the same standards now as when it was created, especially considering that not even an iota of all spoken by God has or will return void unto Him. So much of what man says the U.S. flag stands for has been bred from seeds of corruption, deceit, and control.

Woe unto our celebration of independence. In our independence, God sits at the door of our hearts, watching us suffocate because we reject Him and hold our release in our mouths. Blessed be our dependence on Christ the King. Let our praise and worship echo across nations and knock down the walls of separation, rejection, and confusion. Let the prayers and servant ship of our ancestors and teachers be a strong remnant in the fluid of our spiritual spine. Let us tarry for fresh anointing. Let us be captured and captivated by our dependence on Christ, like never before. We are scions of Abraham. Shalom Peace.

Effects of Our Will

Religion vs. Spirituality

Religion:  (a) The service and worship of God or the supernatural; commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. (b) Commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. (c) A personal set or institutionalized system of beliefs, and practices.
Habit:  (a) The prevailing disposition or character of a person's thoughts and feelings: mental makeup. (b) A behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or psychological exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance. (c) Addiction
Spiritual:  (a) Related or joined in spirit. (b) Of or relating to the spirit. (c) Ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal.
Relationship:  (a) The state of being related or interrelated. (b) A specific instance or type of kinship. (c) A romantic or passionate attachment.

      Religion cradles habits. They push us away from not only each other, but most of all, God. Our habits of lying, adultery, murder, lust, etc. cause us to be distanced from loved ones and family, whether we are the sinner or the victim of sin.Our sinful habits push us from God, not because He changed, but because we have. We have habitual church goers, patting themselves on the back, but never turning from their ways. Religion is why the pharisees were told that prostitutes and tax collectors would surely make it into heaven before they would. To apologize, you weren't aware of your offense, saying 'sorry' is admittance of your decision to purposely sin. Repentance steps outside of pride and selfishness to boldly turn from our wrongs. Anyone can go to church, and anyone can believe in God, but at what point do we acknowledge His desire for our lives?

     In steps a spiritual relationship with God....if you desire it. This alone separates Christianity from any other belief. Every belief outside of Christianity performs fleshly efforts to appease a holy God... believing in God, but not his son, Christ. We'd rather believe in creation than the creator. Only through Christ, can you be in relationship with God. How can religions who strongly claim their love for God, ignore Christ if the God they cherish says, that's His son. Earthly sons are held in high honors, why wouldn't Gods son be? Sons on earth carry on the family name, leading their families from generation to generation, enriching family trees with strong roots. What comforts the hearts of men who think a holy God's son wouldn't be holy? A spiritual relationship requires us to thirst after knowing God. Going to church and being a good person does not validate our habits. God gave us His only son, the least we could do is acknowledge His son and personalize our love for God, not because of what He can give us, but because of who He is. God moves through time to prune us for destinies and blessings we have yet to even think of. We question His existence because we desire to put stipulations on a God not defined by time, a God who shields us in new mercies and graces everyday. He is a God who is not intimidated by other gods, a God who allows us free will and hasn't drowned us in His wrath because of our ignorance, pride, anger, and shallow perception of Him.

     My voice on such a sensitive subject comes with a tone of understanding and love, not condemnation or judgement, I fall short as well. We, as a society, are adamant about fulfilling our fleshly desires. We go hard for the latest gear and technology, shall we be soft about an issue  involving elements that determine not just the resting place of our souls, but the ability to live a life of true freedom here on earth, allowing God to accomplish His will through us?  I encourage you to read and understand the differences of the definitions above for your own clarification of where you stand with God. Ultimately, when will we get back to placing God first in our thoughts and actions, building a relationship with the one who created our being? We search desperately for answers, when all we really need is to humble our ego's, unlock our knees to bow before true holiness, and open our ears to heed His whispers. Shalom Peace.

(All definitions obtained from Merriam-Webster dictionary)