Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let Us Be

We close the doors, but stare out windows in apathy.
Another Friday comes, only for another Monday to start.
24/7 border patrol, illegal aliens trying to attack, but I prepare and clean weaponry, going over the game plan, its gorilla warfare.
Christians scrambling up God’s law with hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and gnosticism.
We garnish these meals with validation.

The ‘awaken,’ dream about the facade of emptiness in sleepers.
Eyes welt up with tears of envy and our hearts trip over popularity.
The body practices opus dei, then pant at the wickedness of sinners.
Our minds cross the deserts of religion constantly, when His water is always available.
His well is too deep, so we settle, sharing infested waters with farm animals.

We are like lions chasing dreams of being whales. We are kings and queens, playing paper, rock, scissors with beggars… and the kingdom is on the table. We are dirt asking to be the sky.
Tears trickle down like raindrops hitting the windshield. We wipe them away and keep moving forward.
Time makes love to laziness, we are left with those common wonders, ‘what happened?, how’d I get here?’ Time blames laziness like, Adam did Eve.
We allow comfortability to turn our head while entitlement covers our eyes.
We battle with confession like asphyxia.
We borrow the bandages of sinners and apply them to seeping wounds of the already damaged within the body.

Apologetics is more action than words.
Our hearts cry out like one who truly learned the lesson before they’re disciplined.
Nonexistent without the breath of God.
Our tongues say Holy, but we know not the height of its echoes to Heaven, nor the design it has on our destiny.

Let us be statues of righteousness, museums of destiny, and our wills censored.
Remind us of your word like heartbeats. Lord, let all that you are stampede our hearts with your namesakes.
Let us bow unto your presence, like wilted flowers.
Let us be consumed by your glory, like the fire in Jeremiah.
Let us formulate words of growth and actions of obedience.
Lord God, don’t just let us be, prune us to be all you’ve spoken us to be.


  1. The proverbial "snaps" to this Poem... This is great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Madblack, I appreciate that, I wasn't sure I should post it.